Stells di Rossi

Founder, Executive Music Director

Estella is musican, artist, painte and humanitarian advocating for many casuses internationally.

She is the founder of the organization, chief controller and oversees the music divsion, general operations and sits as Cheif Executive Officer /Controller for all of the organizations ventur on the executive board. 

She holds a degrees in Music Enterinment Business, Graphic Arts and Media Design as well as Production and Engineering and Business Adminstration.

She has performed and toured internationally in several bands including Method to the Madness. 

​Head and cheif  designer for LocoWear Fashion, sits on the committee for Earth Shaped Hearts Foundation. 

Former YES Company  (Youth Entertainment Stage Company) Alumni, Columbia Artors Repetory Theater Alumni, New Performing Arts Alumni, Berkely Black Repretory Therater Alumni.

Former Mayan Families Healthy Pets Divsion Program Director. 

Lead singer for  Method to the Madness, Head of House Rossi Records, and host of the House Rossi Radio Podcast Show. 


The House of Rossi

1901 W Madison Street Ste. 379

Phoenix, AZ 85009

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